Full Circle Development has been satisfying customers for years with its quality of construction and attention to detail.  Our dedicated staff and skilled trade professionals take pride in turning our customers’ dreams into reality from start to finish.  Our customers appreciate our work so much that they many of them have written testimonials and agreed to share their experiences with any of our prospective clients. Some of them have even taken out ads in our local newspaper to express their appreciation!  (Click on any of the images below to read their testimonials in a pop-up window.)

Tom and Carolyn McLaughlin

Built a Home in Hampton Lake
– and they got comments like this:

“You have the prettiest house in Hampton Lake.”
“That house is perfect from the front and from the lake.”
“We would love to see your house.”
“Oh, that’s the Matt Bader house.” (We hear this the most.)

Carolyn and I are very happy with the house. It is amazing just like you said it would be.

Tom McLaughlin testimonial

Michael and Paula Burton

Built a Home in Hampton Lake

They even took out a half-page ad in the local paper to thank us!

Burtons_Half-Page Ad

Gary and Suzanne McGuane

Built a Home in Hampton Hall

 McGuane Testimonial

Deb and Brian Hadley

Built a Home in Hampton Lake

– and it was featured in the Hampton Lake brochure!

 Hadley Testimonial

William and Mary Katharine Godsey

Built a Home in Hampton Hall

 Godsey Testimonial

Nancy and Tony Stenger

Built a Home in Hampton Lake

 Stenger Testimonial

Matt and Judy Wagner

Built a Home in Hampton Lake

I am happy to relate our experiences with Full Circle …Full Circle listened. Full Circle was responsive. They built as they said they would, on time and on budget.

I would guess we made a dozen or so changes as we came down each month during the building process. A place was built for a second fridge, for a litter box, extra and easier storage in the Bonus Room and the like. All at no charge because they were listening to us as we talked working things through and made suggestions and changes yet did not add to our cost. Only an 11th hour drain and built-in were add-ons, and they should have been.

Our post-move-in problems have been slight, and quickly, professionally and pleasantly dealt with. For example, we are now, two years past closing, having a garage door opener issue. In an email I asked Craig, the superintendent, if he had any suggestions. About 40 minutes later he was over and working on the problem. It recurred and Matt had the company that installed it come and fix it, with no charge to us.

So, yes, we enthusiastically refer prospective buildees to Full Circle. They earned it!

Marian Schaffer and Terry Molnar

Gilded Street, Bluffton SC 29910

Built a Home in Palmetto Bluff

Dear Matt –

Terry and I want to express our sincere gratitude to you and your entire team for the build of our home at Palmetto Bluff here in Bluffton.

I knew if we decided to buy property here and build, the person that immediately came to my mind to contact was you.

In years past, you had built homes for clients of mine who I knew to be discriminate – and they held a high bar when it came to build quality and overall experience.  After their build, each of them, separately, went out of their way to share with me how pleased they were not only with their new home your company built, but just as importantly, their entire experience working with you, your entire crew, from start to finish – they didn’t have one complaint.  Not one.

If we had to describe you to prospective clients, words that come to mind are – patient, good listener, upbeat attitude, calm, fair, client-oriented, flexible, conscientious, transparent, sincere, enthusiastic and honorable. 

And those adjectives not only apply to you, we were equally impressed with everyone we met on your crew that worked on our home.  From the framers, to the plumbers, electricians and painters – not only were they pleasant to have around, working on the home, it was very evident to us how much they respect and enjoy working for you.

If we were to build another home here in the low country, without hesitation, we would come right back to you Matt about a build.

Our working together not only resulted in our new home – which we love, but equally important, Terry and I consider you a friend and are grateful for our friendship, and the fact you were our builder.  We hold you in the highest regard.

Should you ever need a reference, we would be honored to share our experience with a prospective client of yours.

Feel free to contact any of our customers listed on our Satisfied Customers page to learn more about working with our qualified professionals. Or contact a member of the Full Circle Development team today and learn more about how we can help you make your housing dreams reality.